MAGIC SPACE is a real estate enterprise that goes beyond brick and mortar to create spaces that inspire. It comprises a dedicated team that believes in putting customer first. The founders are professionals with diverse operational expertise, well equipped to accomplish exigent projects with ease.

Manohar Nihalani, Vijay Bhrambhatt, Ajayanand Sahu, Rishi Malhotra and Efram Menon are professionals in their respective fields of Realty, Architecture, Finance, Marketing and Engineering. Their expertise ensures that every aspect of the project is executed in the most proficient manner.
MAGIC SPACE is committed to building homes that satisfy and offer the maximum benefit to the consumer.
All projects are accentuated by:
• Trust
• Commitment to Quality
• Aesthetic appeal
• Innovative use of space
• Timely Execution and Delivery

To provide exclusive value-based homes which inspire quality living.

To be known as one of the most trusted and respected names in the realty industry.

Directorspeak: “We aim to build trust and create life-long relationships.”

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